~ What is Tres Dias?

Tres Dias is a non-denominational Christian ministry designed to bring Christians to a closer walk with Christ and develop leaders for the local church.  We conduct three-day weekends which are run by a team of lay volunteers with the support of clergy members.  But we are more than just a three-day weekend.  We continue to support participants in their Christian walk by encouraging small group membership and holding periodic evening programs providing a joyful spiritual boost.

River Valley Tres Dias is the local community spanning across Eastern Oklahoma/Western Arkansas and is part of Tres Dias International.  There are over 100 communities, mostly here in the United States but there are at least 20 other communities worldwide.

~ What does Tres Dias teach?

We focus on God’s unqualified love for each of us through grace.  Tres Dias does not “teach” doctrine, preferring to stay away from doctrinal debates; choosing instead to stress the things that we have in common in Jesus Christ while respecting our differences.

~ Why should I attend a Tres Dias weekend?

For over forty years, hundreds of thousands of lay people have come away from a weekend with a refreshed and empowered relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you are seeking to become more aware of what the Lord is doing in your life, or if you wish your Christian walk had more impact, then you should attend a Tres Dias weekend!

~ What happens on a Tres Dias weekend?

Everyone’s experience at a weekend is different.  You will go through most of the activities as part of a small group fellowship.  There are 15 “talks” on the weekend where lay team members and spiritual directors share insights into how the Lord has touched their lives and encourage you to explore your own Christian walk.  Chapel services offer meditations designed to further help you look at your relationship with Christ.   Times for prayer and joyous worship and singing are certain to lift your spirit.  Participants represent a spectrum of churches from across the Oklahoma and Arkansas region and even from as far away as Missouri and Texas. While some activities may be done in a style slightly different than you are used to, nothing happens that wouldn’t be perfectly acceptable in any mainline denomination.

~ What about confidentiality? I was told that nothing that occurs on a weekend can be shared after the weekend is over. Is this true?

Not true at all!  Any activity that occurs on a weekend can be shared freely.  All that we ask is that nothing of a PERSONAL NATURE that was shared on a weekend should leave the weekend.

In many cases, the speakers will share some very personal and intimate aspects of their lives.  They share their stories with the understanding that it won’t become gossip. By the same token, other participants many choose to share something personal, so we owe it to them – and to you – to honor the confidentiality of personal sharing.

The element of surprise is crucial to the candidate’s enjoyment of the weekend. While nobody should ever withhold information about what happens on a weekend, knowing everything that happens beforehand is akin to spoiling a good movie! Keep this in mind as you ask questions.

~ Why do I need a sponsor?

Your sponsor is someone who has already attended a Tres Dias weekend.  Because they know you personally, they can help prepare you for your weekend and support you before, during and after.  Their sponsorship also tells Tres Dias that you are in a place in your Christian walk where a weekend could be good for you.  If you don’t know anyone who has attended,  then you can contact us through the website and we will find someone who can help.

~ Is Tres Dias a cult?

This is an important question, and the answer is “No!”  Tres Dias is run by volunteers.  Not even the clergy are paid.  While each community will have an elected president, we have no central leader.  River Valley Tres Dias runs on a shoestring budget. You would have to say, if we were a cult, we would be the worst run cult in the world!

One thing that causes confusion on this subject is that there are several nice surprises on a Tres Dias weekend that people are reluctant to talk about because they don’t want to spoil the surprise.   Unfortunately, some people think that they can’t tell you anything about the weekend, which is not the case.  There are no secrets within Tres Dias.  There is no secret handshake.  Yes, when we write a note we will often sign it with the words “De Colores” but that merely refers to a song that speaks of the many colors of God’s love.  There, you now know why we say “De Colores”. A LOT!  We have no secrets.

~ There is a lot going on in my life.  Is this really worth three days of my time?

You’ll spend three days in a cloistered environment, away from the world, focused on your relationship with Jesus Christ, in a loving fellowship with other Christians.  At the end of the weekend, most people wonder why they hadn’t done it earlier.

~ I cannot make it on Thursday evening, so can I come on Friday instead?

Unfortunately, no. All the activities on the weekend build upon those that came before so you would not have the full experience if you come the second day.

~ My husband adamantly refuses to become a believer and even refuses to go to church with me.  Can I go?

Of course!

~ My Pastor hasn’t attended a Tres Dias weekend.  Can I still come?

Absolutely.  But because they are your Pastor, we feel it is important that they are aware you are interested in taking this step in your Christian walk.

~ I have a special diet. Can you accommodate that?

We will try very hard to accommodate special diets required by medical conditions, such as a gluten free diet for Celiac Disease, diabetic diets, etc.).   One of the responsibilities of the person sponsoring you on the weekend is to see what accommodations can be made.

~ Will I have to “spill my guts” and share my feelings if I don’t want to?

Absolutely not!  Although there will be a considerable amount of personal sharing during the weekend, particularly by the speakers, no pressure will be placed on anyone to share anything that they do not want to.

~ What will I get out of this weekend that will compensate me for giving up an entire weekend, the financial cost, risk the wrath of my spouse, and possibly put my job at risk by taking off on a Friday?

It’s difficult to address what someone will “get” out of a weekend, since the Holy Spirit will deal with each person differently, depending on their needs and their Walk.  But at the very least, you’ll walk away with the experience of 72 continuous hours spent in a cloistered environment with other Christians, all focused on learning more about their own relationship with Jesus.  In the end, you are the only one who can evaluate if the result is worth the effort.